live electronis / computer music / film / video


"Begegnung 1" , 1985/86
  for alto saxophone, viola and tape
"Im Zentrum ohne Worte I" , 1986/87 
  for soprano, oboe, clarinet, percussion, harp, 2 violins, computer, sampler and  live electronics

"Tanz" ("Dance" performance) , 1987/88  
  for a dancer, computer, sampler and live electronics
  to a sound sculpture designed and built by Andreas Dettloff (Tahiti)

"Begrenzte Sicht" , 1990/91
  (film music, a film by Christian Schumacher)
  for alto saxophone and electronics
"Im Zentrum ohne Worte II" , 1991
  for three female voices and computer controlled sampler
  with texts from the daily press 

"AFSTS 1" , 1992/95
  (music for the film ´Baumbluetenzeit in Werder´ [1929] by Wilfried Basse)
  for computer controlled piano and sampler
"Begegnung 2" , 1992 
  for oboe and computer controlled sampler
  (Version II for oboe and tape)

"Begegnung 3" , 1992
  for contra bassoon and computer controlled sampler (Version II. for contra bassoon and tape)

"Rhythmen" , 1992/93
  (film music, video by Fiorenza Hohl)
  for computer controlled sampler

"Uriel" , 1993
 (film music, a film by Christian Schumacher)
 for computer controlled piano and violin sounds
 (Version II for violin and midi piano)

"Igor´s Smile", 1993
  tape music

"Dressing old words new" , 1994/95
  for bass saxophone and tape

"Dressing old words new" , 1995/96
  Version II for bass clarinet and tape

"Was im Gedaechtnis bleibt" , 1995
 (film music, a film by Achim Maibaum and Christian Schumacher)
 commissoned by the Goethe-Institut Germany
"Begegnung 6" , 1996 
  for accordion and computer controlled sampler
  (Version II for accordion and tape)

"Wenn die Klagestimmen der Stadt" , 1996/97 
  for saxophone quartet and tape with texts by Michael Wüstefeld

"... letzte Gebaerde offener Muender" , 1998/99
 electroacoustic music, tape music

"I see a voice" , 1999 
  for voice, computer controlled piano, video and tape

"I see a voice - Part II" , 1999/02
  for video and electronics

  (Version II electroacoustic music)

"Der Partner" , 2000 
  Parts I - III, music for a radio play, WDR production
  (story by John Grisham, director: Norbert Schaeffer)

"30061934" , 2000
 music for a radio play, WDR production
 (story by Matthias Brand, director: Joerg Schlueter)

"Das Blindenspiel" , 2000 
 music for a radio play, WDR production
 (story by Susanne Krahe, director: Joerg Schlueter)

"4 Imix" , 2001 
  for saxophone quartet and tape

"trimer" , 2001
  for toy piano and tape

"Ihr Fassen nach Wind" , 2001/02 
  for organ, computer and tape - 2001
  (Version II electroacoustic music - 2001/02)

"Unaufgeloester Luftstoss" , 2001/02
  radio play with texts by Anicius Manlius Severinus Boetius
  (from "The Five Books About The Music" [500-507] )  

"Glass Cutter" , 2002/03 
  electroacoustic music
  Version II laptop live performance

"Rekonstruktion - Entzifferung" , 2003/04 
  for 3 female voices, oboe, contra bass clarinet, accordion, piano and electronics

"The Club Remix Project" , 2005 - 2008
 17 tracks electroacoustic music as
club remix

"Wolkenkuckucksheim” , 2008
  electroacoustic music
  dance theatre production by Rita Aozane Bilibio, Damian Gmuer and Bruno Caverna

"keine Ahnung” , 2009
  dance theatre production by Rita Aozane Bilibio and Damian Gmuer

"Begegnung 7” , 2010 (video trailer)
  for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, electronic sounds and video projection
  about Robert Schumann´s and Frédéric Chopin´s personal encounters in the years 1835/36

"A Letter to H.D.” , 2011
  elektroacoustic music

"IK” , 2013
  for flute and electronics (or fixed media, 8-ch surround)  

"Schatten-Wellen” , 2014
  for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello and electronic sounds (4-ch)
  an approach to Virginia Woolf´s novel "The Waves" (1931)

"Mapping Sound Fields” , 2015
  for ensemble and field recording

  (flute, subbass recorder, bass clarinet, 2 percussionists, harp, soprano, accordion, violin, laptop,
  and light projection)

"Tree Blossoms II”, 2015
  for violin, and electronics (8-ch) / music to a silent short movie (GER, 1929)

"I AM” , 2016
  for 2 performer, video (2 ch), live-electronics and fixed media (4-ch)

 "I AM” (Ver. 2) , 2016
  video installation (1-2 ch video), fixed media (2-4 ch)

 "Begegnung 8 - Lento" , 2016
  for piano and fixed media (1-2 ch) / Kreiten-Project

"Tree Blossoms III” , 2017
  for viola, live-electronics and fixed media (8-ch) / music to a silent short movie (GER, 1929)

 "Begegnung 8" , 2017
  for piano, electronics and fixed media (8.1 ch) / Kreiten-Project
Extended Version

 "Metropolitan 1" , 2017
  music theater - performance - art project for public spaces
  for soprano, actor, toy piano, accordion, cello and live-electronics / remix

  based on architecture installation of the subway station Benrather St. (Duesseldorf)
  and diary records by Clara Schumann