A F S T S 1 - presentation/ some details

AFSTS review in "Sound On Sound Magazine" - by Derek Johnson (Cambridge, UK)

is an algorithmic composition program for ATARI ST computers which can be used specially for film or video productions or all other precise time-dependant projects combined with experimental music. This program is a real-time system working with random models for the most important MIDI-controlled musical parameters. All developments of the micro form are calculated in real-time during a concert or production. Because of the chance-manipulations it is possible to get numerous different versions of one piece and to keep the intended global characteristic or the time cues of the macro form which could be important for some fixed points in the multimedial works. The software itself does not need a recording or a musical pattern in order to compose and vary the existing form; it creates its own algorithmic structure based upon the user´s numeric input.

TRACVIEW (shows the graphic and linear view of the complete piece) 12 TRACKS which are independant in all important musical parameters. All TRACKS calculate and play back the constructed musical algorithms in real time. Possible MIDI-Channels: 1-16, PAN (left-right panorama) from -7..to +7. Solo- and Chord adjustment of the self-designed AFSTS 1-system (SV0 - LV 1-9, chords up to 9 voices).



DURATION Max. Playing duration of the piece: approx. 99 minutes

TIME-IN This function allows to hear and calculate the music starting from any point in the piece.

MIDI THRU Channel 1-16

all TRACKS have 25 free definable time cues (INSETS) (min.1/10th of a second, max. 99 Min, START:-END:) which can be changed by the functions ´move,´ ´insert,´ ´delete´ and ´copy.´ The INSETS have automatically the right number in the TRACKVIEW.


ALGORITHMIC - PARAMETER EDITOR every time cue and TRACK consists of the following constant parameter: melody parameter (P 1/2, jump melody / step melody) melodic intervals (MS values), -99 + 99, ca. 180 different melodic algorithms) Sound (SND, Prg-Change, 1-128) Volume (VOLUME, 0-127) melodic density, rest density (P 1-9) and - : variable algorithmic parameter: pitches (TONE-INDEX, 1-RND/FIX, 2- MIN/MAX) lengths (TONE-LENGTH, RND/FIX, ACCEL/RIT) rests (REST, RND/FIX/P) velocity (VELOCITY, RND/FIX, CRESC/DECRESC) with the functions ´replace,´ ´copy,´ ´insert´ and ´delete´ you can change all values. DIAGRAMM (info) the diagramm is a graphical view about the pitches, volumes and lengths for every of the 12 TRACKS; 1. within a special time cue (INSET- 1-25/ TRACK) 2. the whole TRACK with all time cues (1-25) the graphic view is visible after editing the parameter, before using the play option.




PRINT print page with the TIME-EDITOR (all time cues 1-25 , for all TRACKS 1-12) and the ALGORITHMIC-PAR. EDITOR (all parameter with time values, START-END points) or TONECTRL view for the interval values (MS - Values) with their melodic direction (Phase 1- Phase 2).

Time Cues


SAVE / LOAD AFSTS 1 has its own FST-format for files

TITLE - EDITOR (EDIT.SAVE/LOAD) to give a title or commentaries (max. 15 lines) for every FST-file. It will be saved in an own TIT-format and can be loaded from all FST-files.

Software: AFSTS 1 System: ATARI 1040 STf/e Development/ Production: Christian Banasik Written by Rudolf Banasik/ Christian Banasik