"Worte, Schatten, Spiele" , 1990/91
  Comments on the work (text + music)
  (for the "Academy of Fine Arts" in  Duesseldorf, in German)  

"Igor Strawinskys Liedschaffen - Untersuchungen zur Motivsprache im Verhältnis von
  Text und musikalischem Bild"
, 1991
  Analysis of Igor Stravinsky´s Songs (texts, motives, music) (for the Robert Schumann Music Academy,
  in German)

"Night Mail - Hintergruende und Geschichte des Dokumentarfilms von John Grierson sowie Analyse   der Filmmusik von Benjamin Britten" , 1991/92
  History of the documentary film "Night Mail" by John Grierson and analysis of the film music
  composed by Benjamin Britten (for the Robert Schumann Music Academy, in German)

"Algorithmische Kompositionsmodelle in Verbindung mit Film- und Kammermusik" - 1994
  Algorithmic composition models in film and chamber music. Short analysis of own works
  (for the Folkwang University for Music Essen, in German)

"Unaufgeloester Luftstoss" , 2000/01
  Manuscript for the radio play, texts by  Anicius Manlius Severinus Boetius
  (I. Part from "The Five Books About The Music")
"Ein Schiff reist durch die See" , 2002
  Manuscript for the radio play, texts by Johann Christoph Gottsched and Andreas Gryphius

"La naissance des iles" , 2004/05
  Manuscript for the radio play about polynesian myths and legends - written in three languages:
  german, french and tahitian - 2004/05

"La naissance des iles" , 2008/09
  Manuscript for the music theatre project

"Begegnung 7" , 2010
 Manuscript for the ensemble work about Robert Schumann´s and Frédéric Chopin´s  personal  encounters  in the years 1835/36, texts from the diaries of Schumann, Chopin´s chronicles,  Adam  Mickiewicz  "Konrad  Wallenrod"
and the Chopin biography by Eva Gesine Baur