CD production with the piece "Igor´s Smile",
produced by the "Fondazione Russolo Pratella"
in Italy, 1993/94
production of the piece "Begegnung 4" for the CD
"Piano Solos of the 20. Century" with Philipp
Vandré, 1998 (Kreuzberg Records Berlin)
music for the radio play "The Partner" by John
Grisham (3 CDs, WDR production), 2000
(Heyne Verlag)
CD Edition "Musik in Deutschland 1950 - 2000"
(Music in Germany 1950 - 2000) with the piece
"Was im Gedaechtnis bleibt" ("Musik fuer Film und Fernsehen"), Music for Films, 2001 (BMG Classics,
RCA Red Seals and Deutscher Musikrat )
production of the piece "trimer" for toy piano and cd
player (ghetto blaster) with Bernd Wiesemann, 2003
("the not-so-well-tempered clavier," CYBELE
Records, SACD/CD)
CD production with the piece "Glass Cutter," for
the "90 Seconds of Reality" album produced by
the "German Society for Electroacoustic Music"
(DEGEM), 2005 (CYBELE Records)
produktion of the piece "Letzte Gebaerde offener Muender" (EMS PRIZE 2001) for the 2-CD
"Stockholm Electronic Arts Awards and emsPrize
1995-2004," 2005 ("Winner Takes All,"
CAPRICE Records , Stockholm, Sweden)
production of the work "Glass Cutter" for the "Deep Wireless 4" CD ( Radio Art Compilation), 2007
(New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto, Canada)
production of "Glass Cutter" for the 60x60 projekt"
a circle of sound" 2004/05, 2007
(VOX NOVUS 2007 New York, USA)
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CD production with the piece "Begegnung 6,"
produced by the "German Society for Electroacoustic Music" (DEGEM), 1998 (CYBELE Records)






















production of the work "Begegnung 8 - Lento" for the CD album "Karlrobert Kreiten - Historical Recordings" 2016 with Tobias Koch and Udo Falkner, piano.
(C_AVI Cologne, Germany)


production of "I see a voice" for the "Undae! 2012 album - a "momorial album" based on the "International electroacoustic concert series Undae!" in Madrid 2012