"Das Blindenspiel"

electroacoustic music

tape: 2 channel, CDR/DAT

The piece contains various sound materials, which I compiled in connection with music for a radio play. I composed a sound landscape consisting of ambient noise, instrumental material and purely digitally produced synthesizer tones.
A radio play script,"Das Blindenspiel," by Susanne Krahe was the impulse for my work. The book describes the journey of a blind woman and a film script author, who was instructed to collect ideas for a film about the USA. Up to that moment he had only seen familiar and hackneyed pictures, until he met the blind woman and her companion; this gave him new ideas and material for the film. It became an acoustical description of a bus journey through the United States from the point of view of a blind person. In the center of my "story" there is the acoustically imaginary experience of the blind woman, who also visits Las Vegas. Situations like resting and thinking in the hotel room and the perception of this atmosphere are expressed partially by the sounds of a running fan, human breath and some switches. The casino is indicated by the rolling roulette ball, some atmo sounds as well as the sound manipulations therof. Furthermore the
sand and the desert were embedded as a virtual abstract motive. This piece represents only one travel moment within the whole story structure.