"Begegnung 4"

for piano solo

This piano piece was strongly influenced by self-developed computer-generated algorithms which calculated the motivic material. The macro form of the mostly single-voiced piece consists of 2 parts. In both parts I have formulated equal musical ideas, which in the second part has been used with other repetition frequencies, timber and harmonic expansion. The intervallic and rhythmical patterns as well as the time and space procedures of the motives are based
on stochastic models. Relevant for the calculations were values for intervals, melodic directions, variable ambitus for the melodic cells, variable rests, statistic phrase density and only few tone durations. Bevore chosing one version which was to become the basic material for my piece, I have calculated many other possibilities. Then I started to compose the structural line. It was a work in progress and an interaction between the algorithmic patterns and my structural compositional operations which at this level did not work with influences of chance. At the end the piano part became
a usual and fully determined score.